The following are the primary beliefs of our Worldwide Scattered Brethren Network.  We believe these are consistent with the overwhelming proof of the biblical data and the faith of the early church.  No doubt you will notice immediately how at odds they are with what you may have been taught:

1.      God is only one “person”, not a trinity of persons.  He is the Father, the Creator, and has His own personal name, Yahweh.  He is repeatedly called the Father and God of the lord Jesus Christ.

2.      Jesus the Christ (Messiah, or Anointed One) is the Son of God, not God the Son.  Jesus has a God, just like we do.  Jesus is our Savior, soon coming King, High Priest, and unique human agent of the One God.  According to the Bible, he was miraculously begotten and has been raised from the dead to a position at the right hand of God.  He did not "pre-exist", but first came into existence in the womb of his human mother by miracle of holy spirit.

3.      The holy spirit is not a person.  It is the operational power and presence of God on earth and in the believer of the biblical Jesus, his Father, and the gospel of the coming Kingdom.

4.      The Gospel concerns the coming Kingdom of God to this earth at the hands of the Messiah Jesus, through whom we have forgiveness of sins and the establishment of the New Covenant through his blood.  We are to believe the good news, repent of leading a life based on unbelief, and show fruits indicative of that repentance.  When Jesus returns, he will resurrect the faithful saints to immortality in the Kingdom of God...the new heavens and the new earth to be established at the end of the current age. 

5.      According to the Bible, when people die, they do not go immediately to heaven, nor to a place of eternal punishing called “hell”.  Instead, all except Jesus are currently sound asleep in their graves.  When Jesus returns, he will raise the faithful dead from their sleep at which time they will be changed from their current corruptible bodies into human beings with incorruptible, glorified bodies.  Then the rest of the dead will be raised after the initial 1,000 years of the Kingdom of God on earth are completed.

6.    Adult, believers’ baptism in water is an essential part of the process of Christian salvation.  It is the example of Jesus and the New Testament Church and is commanded by them.  When a person comes to believe the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of God and repents of sin, water baptism should be pursued as soon as it is possible.

​7.    Old covenant laws, including laws pertaining to clean and unclean foods and certain "holy days", are not prerequisites of fellowship or being right with God in the New Covenant Church of God.

There, now isn’t that much simpler than what you have heard previously?  There is no baffling “mystery” as to how many are in the “God essence” (not a biblical concept); and just straight forward talk about what God has been announcing through the prophets for thousands of years concerning the establishment of His Kingdom on this earth through His chosen Deliverer.

If you are one of those who have been confused by some of the bizarre teachings of our modern day Christian churches and denominations, you're not alone!  We are here supporting each other and hope that you will come join us.  Surely the lord Jesus will come again soon!

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