"...that he might also gather together into one the children of God who are scattered abroad." (Jo. 11:52)

Almost immediately following the death of Jesus’ apostles, forces of Greek philosophy and the Eastern mystery religions began to exert their influence on the first century churches of God.  Those clinging to the biblical faith became fewer and fewer in number and within just a couple of centuries they were the scattered minority.  Philosophy and Mysteries took root in the rising official church teachings of the fourth and fifth centuries, with growing persecution and death to any who would attempt to get back to the roots of the Christian faith as believed in the early first century church.

The Worldwide Scattered Brethren Network is a recent modern day effort to reach those whom God is calling back to the true faith of Jesus and his apostles, and establish a network within which meaningful organization can occur on local levels.  We are not a church and don’t knock on doors.  We don’t have pamphlets with scary looking creatures to leave on your doorstep.  The original Christian faith was simply a community of biblically based believers who were not encumbered with preconceived notions which came about through official creeds of later church councils.  Today, the number of those who adhere to those original beliefs are small, but growing.

What we are finding is that there are many who have always sensed something is wrong with the teachings of the established orthodox churches, but never considered there were others like them questioning these same erroneous teachings.  But the fact is that there have been “scattered brethren” alive and well for centuries clinging to the biblical faith and announcing the true gospel of the coming Kingdom to whomever would listen.  They have been a small voice in the wilderness of religious confusion, quietly worshipping in small groups and congregations here and there.

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